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Daniel and Francoise Dossmann Daniel and Françoise Dossmann
Guest Relations Coordinators

Daniel and Françoise Dossmann, Oliver’s parents, are originally from Paris, France. After searching for God for many years, they became Christians alone when Oliver was three years old. As a profession Daniel was a classical guitar teacher. After becoming Christians, they did several recordings in France and Switzerland. Daniel was composing music, playing the guitar and singing, Françoise playing the recorder and singing, and Oliver singing too. 

In 1983, they became missionaries with Reach Beyond (formally HCJB World Radio). They spent 17 years in Quito, Ecuador, involved in French radio broadcasting through short-wave radio. From 2001 to 2004, they lived in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), West Africa, working at a Christian FM radio station. After being back in France for a few years and living in Normandy, they moved to the US as residents in 2014 to be close to Oliver and his family.

They continue to be a part of the Reach Beyond Europe/Eurasia Region and to produce French radio programs and music. They also love to participate in EdenRidge. Françoise corresponds with many of the guests and they often go to EdenRidge to meet missionary guests. They love missions and they find it very uplifting to discover more of how God is working all over the world.

Yes, they miss their friends in France and Switzerland, the seaside in Normandy, French cheese, bread and pastries. But they are very happy to be close to Oliver, Rachel and their four grandchildren and to enhance their missionary vision through EdenRidge.


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